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                   Maine and New England 
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     Maine and New England authors hold a special place at Mainely Murders, as do mysteries with a New England twist.

     As non-native Mainers and New Englanders, we can say without bias that the region is clearly a mecca for the genre. Maybe the recent wave of Scandinavian writers helps explain it: long, cold, dark winters and splendid summers help nurture the mystery writer.

     Whatever the explanation, mystery authors have been living, working, and writing about New England for as long as anyone can remember. (The Mystery Writers of America, the granddaddy of mystery organizations, has nearly 200 members in its New England chapter.) Maine's native son Stephen King may be the most celebrated, not to mention edgiest, of New England writers, but when it comes to mysteries, the northeast corner of the United States has a writer for everyone's taste.